Three Principles resources


“Boost Your Mood,” a recording of a live Facebook broadcast.

“Spring Clean Your Mind,” a recording of a live Facebook broadcast.

“It’s never too late to live the life of your dreams,” a recording of a live Facebook broadcast.

“Mind Yoga for simple and permanent stress relief,” a recording of a live Facebook broadcast.

On June 20, 2016, I did an interview with Kaye Taylor on

In July 2016, I was a guest on Marianne Kronkvist’s program (in English!).

Intervju med Mary Schiller om PTSD from Marianne Kronkvist on Vimeo.

In July 2016, I appeared again on Molly Gordon’s Wholeness Hangout. The topic was the practicality of spiritual principles, and we talked about my book Mind Yoga, as well.

On March 10, 2016, I appeared as a guest on Molly Gordon’s Wholeness Hangout.  (That’s Molly in the still frame!)

I was a guest on the Clesia Mendes’ program Womanhood from the Inside Out.

I was interviewed by Liz Scott, of Coaching Connect, in spring 2016 (at a noisy deli in Manhattan, which was kind of fun!)

I did a webinar for Three Principles Supermind called “PTSD and Me: Trauma is No Match for a Principles Understanding.” The recording is available for free (no registration required). Please visit this link on the Supermind site to view.

I appeared on the Primal Happiness podcast hosted by Lian Brook-Tyler. The title of the talk is “Life after abuse … a survivor’s story of hope.” Please click here to listen and learn more. No registration or fee. It’s all free.

I was a guest on the Divine Play radio program hosted by Jeanne Catherine. Please click here to listen to us talk about transformation, particularly from diagnoses such as PTSD. No registration or fee. It’s  free.


The Top 10 Audios on the Daily Principles


Sydney Banks defines his Three Principles
Michael Neill, summarizing the Three Principles
Aaron Turner on confidence
A therapist’s perspective in an interview by Judy Sedgeman
George and Linda Pransky on eliminating stress
A talk with Jamie Smart, author of “Clarity”
Mara Gleason, on how people can change quickly
Arnold Patent, being interviewed about “Money”
Part 1 of an interview with Elsie Spittle
Michael Neill on the idea of creating from nothing
Dicken Bettinger on innate well-being
A talk by Jack Pransky on the Three Principles
Psychiatrist Bill Pettit, on innate health
Michael Neill, on self-employment from the inside, out
The Joy Formula for Better Relationships
The Instant No-Yoga-Required Way to Relieve Stress
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