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If I saw this page, I might be thinking, “Is this just going to turn into a sales pitch, Mary?”

The answer is no. I’ll give you everything I’ve got during that hour.

When we get to the end of the call, we’ll see if it does — or doesn’t — make sense to continue talking in subsequent sessions. My agenda has only one thing on it: you, and how I can be of help to you while we’re talking.

You know, sometimes the most obvious answer to a problem is the one that’s right in front of us. We simply can’t see it because we’re looking in the wrong direction.

In 2014, I solved the most significant problem of my life by looking in a new direction – and that’s all I did. No tools or techniques, nothing to do, and no effort whatsoever. It blew my mind! I decided right then and there that I would share this insight with as many people as I possibly could.

People I’ve worked with have experienced all kinds of wonderful shifts in their lives …

I’ll share a few examples with you, starting with my own: I suffered for 30 years with symptoms of PTSD and tried everything to make them stop. After I discovered what I now teach people, my symptoms faded away in just a few weeks. My clients have …

– gotten off anti-depressants

– changed the focus of their lives toward passions instead of paychecks

– been able to make decisions about which they had struggled for years, now without effort and with a great sense of calm

– found time they never knew they had to do the things they love to do

– realigned their career and business goals with their personal goals, to greater success and much less stress

– approached a difficult relationship from a new angle that promoted love instead of anger and resentment

The cost starts at $500 for one month of coaching (unlimited 1-hour calls and email support). I also offer 2- and 3-day intensives and longer-term individual programs lasting up to 6 months, all customized just for you.

Mary Schiller

Mary Schiller

That's me in my favorite city, Paris

I was first introduced to the Three Principles and came into contact with Mary about two years ago. I can honestly say that my way of looking at the world was changed from that moment. I know that might sound quite dramatic, but within a couple of months of joining Mary’s Facebook group, I was able to stop taking antidepressant medication, which I had been taking for years. This was a big thing for me as I had tried to stop them many times before and failed. Mary is a constant source of help, guidance and inspiration. She answers any queries or questions quickly and with obvious understanding of the Principles. She is only ever an email or message away if help is needed with a more personal problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mary as a coach to help you with any area of your life. Paul Watson, UK

part of a private Facebook group, 1:1 coaching client and past participant in my "14 Creations" program

When our lives don’t go the way we’d like, we often come to believe we’re broken somehow. How refreshing would it be to know we’re not? That, in fact, we’re fully equipped from within with everything we need to be happy, secure, and at peace? In a non-judgemental, light- hearted way, Mary will encourage you to see things from a radically different perspective. In the process of opening to your own inner wisdom and clarity, you may just discover that, as a bonus,  the improved health, money, relationships, or career you’ve been searching for will find you. Shirley

part of a private Facebook group, 1:1 coaching client and past participant in my "14 Creations" program

I would love to talk with you. Please complete the form, and I’ll respond right away. Thank you.

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