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I’m Mary Schiller, transformative coach and the creator of

I started this website at the end of Sept. 2015, and I would love for these audios to be a source of inspiration and help to you. Please feel free to share them with other people in your life.

That is my hubby reflected in the glass, taking the photo!

It would be impossible for me to express the profound difference that has been created in my life since I first heard of the Three Principles in early 2014. They were originally described in this way by Sydney Banks in the 1970s, but as you’ll see on the Resources page, many others have carried on his work since then. This is not a religion, a belief system, an approach to life or something to even “live by.” It’s an explanation of how our experience as human beings actually occurs. By having this simple information, our lives can change in magnificently wonderful ways.

Just hearing the Principles and seeing a glimpse of what they mean dissolved 30 years — 30 years! — of post-traumatic stress disorder/anxiety symptoms in about a month. That, in and of itself, was all the proof I needed. I stopped doing all the techniques I’d learned and have continued to see how my life has become simpler and better every day.

I’m currently developing new online courses and training programs, and I also offer 1:1 personalized coaching on a limited basis. If you’re interested in talking with me about how I might help you or your organization, please complete the contact form, below.

I have received training in Three Principles-based coaching via programs with Michael Neill, Jamie Smart, and George and Linda Pransky. I am a contributing partner to One Solution: The invisible key to global change, founded by Mara Gleason, Eirik Grunde Olsen, Aaron Turner and George and Linda Pransky. I live in NYC.

You can also find me at

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Before I started working with Mary, I felt horrible: frustrated, not at all grasping what was happening. Now I’m becoming more aware of my thoughts. They still haven’t gone away, but I am now looking at them differently. Mary is super helpful, very quick to respond, and I don’t feel like I’m bothering her. That is huge for a coach that is dealing with people with limiting beliefs. Marina K. Villatoro

private coaching client,

A little about me: Before turning my attention to coaching people in the Three Principles in 2014, my professional life had been devoted to writing, communications and higher education. I started as a journalist and then become a copywriter in nearly all forms of media (video scripts, advertising, marketing). After receiving two master’s degrees, in English and online education, I became a university writing instructor — but I kept writing for clients and for myself. I wrote a memoir under a pseudonym before I knew about the Three Principles called I Am Just A Woman: My Story of Domestic Violence.

I have written three books on the Principles, with more to come soon.

Before I started working with Mary, I was feeling pretty miserable about my situation.  I felt like I was in a tunnel and could not see my way outside of it. The word despair comes to mind. In working with Mary, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to shift my thinking and how I did it myself instead of having her tell me how I should feel.  At the end of this process, I was feeling empowered, positive and excited about life again.  I would definitely recommend Mary to others because the process is a fast and relatively easy way to move things quickly. I don’t like wallowing in the murk of things and this was a different way of working than other types of coaching I have tried. Emily Shaules, actor

private coaching client,

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