I had one of those days where my gratitude for this understanding of the Three Principles was overwhelming.

My husband and I got some news that we weren’t expecting.¬†Our health is fine — no deaths in the family or anything like that. But this news was pretty tough to take (I’d rather not say what it was).

Before we had this understanding, we would have completely freaked out, maybe for days or weeks.

But since we both have this understanding, our freakout lasted just a few minutes, and we didn’t even say much. We regained our composure quickly and realized that there was really nothing to be afraid of, because it was our thinking in the moment creating the sense of momentary panic — not the facts that we had just heard.

What an immense relief to know that even when some fear returns, which I’m sure it will, I don’t have to do anything about it or worry about it. I can continue with my life and know that the solution will be come clear to me.

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