Those “what if” thoughts … they keep us awake at night, or the wake us up in the middle of the night (how dare they!).

What do we do about them? Can they help us in any way, or are they keeping us in the dark?

As I recorded this audio this week, I was facing the fact that I had just lost my job. I didn’t get fired or anything like that. It was simply that management and I were at a professional impasse, and it was best that we part ways amicably. But I’m in a position now where I don’t know where my income will come from starting in March. Not being independently wealthy, I have had “what if” thoughts, certainly. With this understanding of the Three Principles, though, I have had an underlying sense of peace that has allowed me to see potential opportunities already.

Getting caught up in the worry thoughts¬†means that I’m forgetting what resources are actually available to me. We are never the victim of our circumstances.

I’m also going to link back to this audio from Sept. where I talked about there being nothing at stake, ever. I recorded it shortly after I started this new job, doing something I’d never done before (sales).¬†I hope both this audio about worrying/what if thoughts and the previous one are helpful to you, especially if you are concerned about your job or career.

I’d love to hear your comments, and thank you for listening.

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