Sometimes it can be hard to see that Thought is neutral, but for me, it’s a key piece of this Three Principles understanding.

My fear of walking on the Skywalk in the Grand Canyon was coming from my reaction to my thoughts about the Skywalk. Someone else might have had a similarly neutral thought — “we’re going on the Skywalk today” — and felt excited and happy.

This simple example tells us two things: 1) Nothing on the outside ever creates our feelings/experience (because two people can have very different responses to what looks like external stimuli), and 2) Thought is neutral, and that it’s our reactions to Thought that create our experience.

It also means that we are not obligated to act on any of this, by the way. I still went on the Skywalk, and the volume on the fear was turned down so that I could enjoy it, at least for a few minutes!

What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

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