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Daily audios by Mary Schiller, based on the Three Principles expressed by Sydney Banks.

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Feeling bad? Just wait it out

The Principles show us that if we feel bad, there is nothing for us to do about that. This is really the opposite from what we’re told. We’re told that we should do something when we feel bad: eat something, take a pill, change our mindset, and on and on. (Start paying attention to these messages, and you’ll see them everywhere.) Luckily, the real way to feel better is a whole lot simpler.

When you know the rules, the game gets easier

What do we do with the Three Principles? How do they really help us live a better, easier life? It’s all about knowing what’s really going on. When you know the rules of the game, the game gets a lot simpler. You’re playing the real game of life, not one that you’ve made up in your head. And that is what makes the difference. I’d love to hear your comments, so please join me by posting a comment here.

Happiness isn’t a science

When I was checking out Facebook a few minutes ago, I came across an ad for a product and service that’s supposed to be a scientifically based route to happiness. When I clicked through to the website, it stated that this tool or technique (I’m not sure what it was) could help you stop negative thoughts, manage stress and boost your happiness. Prior to 2014, I would have been first in line to buy what they were offering — that is, before I had this understanding of the Three Principles. The truth is, you don’t need anything to be happy. Happiness is not a science, nor do you have to purchase it anywhere (thank goodness).

This simple statement changes everything

In this audio, I share a simple statement that I use often, and I find that it has made a huge difference in my ability to see where my experience is coming from. Not only that, it allows fresh, new ideas to flow in almost at will. I’d love to hear your version of this statement after you’ve listened to this audio.

Thriving under stress? I don’t “think” so

I used to think that pressure was my friend, that it forced me into being more productive or coming up with solutions. But when I really looked back at my life, I saw that that wasn’t true at all. My best ideas and solutions have come to me in moments of quiet and calm. Now I understand why, and I know how to allow that to happen more and more frequently — without doing anything at all.

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